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Occidental Leather Belts and Belt Accessories


5035 HD Ranger Work Belt

A quality ranger style 3” work belt. Equipped with a 2” wide heavy leather tongue and a nickel plated steel roller buckle. Constructed entirely of the highest quality 12-14 oz. Bridle leather to provide maximum support and comfort. Edge stitched for quality, appearance and strength. 




8003 Padded Industrial Nylon Work Belt

3” wide padded Industrial nylon work belt with a heavy 2” leather tongue and nickel plated steel roller buckle.




5002   Work Belt

2" Wide extra heavy duty work belt constructed of Bridle leather custom tanned to our specifications in the USA. Edge stitched for quality, appearance and strength. Heavy duty 2” steel roller buckle with a nickel finish.



5005 Sheepskin Belt Liner

Designed to relieve you from the cutting edges and circulation problems associated with safety and tool belts. Won’t cut into your side or restrict circulation. The .75”+ thick sheepskin pads provide maximum comfort. Sheepskin is a natural insulator, surprisingly warm and comfortable in winter, and cool in summer. Wool wicks moisture away and dries quickly. Adjustable straps secure safety and tool belts up to 3” wide.




5006 Hip Pads

Thick-pile, sheepskin lined leather hip pads slide on belt under tool bags. Slightly lighter weight than our full belt liner (5005). No leading edge to cut into your side or restrict circulation. Constructed of thick harness leather lined with .75”+ thick wool pads. Occidental incorporates a natural sheepskin to provide maximum comfort. Slots accept all tool belts up to 3” wide.

Dimensions of hip area between belt slots = 10”W, 6”H.

9005 Belt Buddy Black

Great addition to your tool belt for extra lower back support. Will fit under a third bag! Very comfortable and supportive, high density foam rubber pad with a polyethylene stiffener covered in Industrial Nylon.





9008 Hip Buddies

High density neoprene cushion eliminates Tool Belt chafing and evenly distributes weight and pressure. Occidental Leather has taken the belt technology from their most comfortable Adjust-to-Fit systems and made it available for all belt worn belt systems.

Light weight and easy to retrofit onto your existing belt set.

Does not accommodate the following bags: B5611 (found on the Black Builder set)





Occidental-Leather.com Quality Tool belt Systems
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