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Occidental Stronghold Adjustable Toolbelts


Occidental 9515 adjustable oxylights


Occidental 9550 adjustable pro framer
Occidental 9540 adjustable finisher


Occidental B9588 adjustable Green Builder Black Leather
Occidental 9850 Adjustable Fat Lip Black


Occidental 9855 Adjustable Fat Lip Cafe




Constructed of rugged commercial nylon and high density neoprene padding with extra wide hip areas. Employs a unique nylon cross over system that provides an "adjust to fit" feature that locks into place. A fully adjustable tool belt which provides one belt for all seasons add provides a full range of adjustment. 

  This buscadero style one piece belt system comes in black only and is fully adjustable from sizes Small to X Large (from pant waist sizes 32" through 40") Adjusts by pulling apart from center back - then secures in place with the Oxy Lock. Best of yet, a set that fits in all seasons without having to buy another tool belt!

Occidental has integrated the extra wide buscadero belt with their best selling framing bags.. This Cordura system is the most comfortable set they have ever made! It features the most pockets and tool holders available, with unparalleled comfort! They have also installed the clip, "D" rings and leather straps so that their suspenders may be attached at any time.




Occidental-Leather.com Quality Tool belt Systems
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